Design proposal for public installation/ March, 2021
Max, Photoshop, Gravity Sketch
Expected materials to realize: Transparent  LED displays, wide angle cameras, infrared touch screens

This explains the reason why people were not able to develop a sense of intimacy in situations such as logging online for a video chat with a specific objective and logging off after the objective is achieved. I also became curious why people not only online but also in the real world shouldn’t have the opportunity for unintended encounters to meet each other. For people who never had the chance to meet each other, for example, New Yorkers and citizens of Cape Town, should encounter each other without any specific objective, and use the opportunity to communicate with each other. The idea is to build some friendly relationship by letting each other know that they’re seeing each other on their way to work or school. If people who live in different locations using different languages could meet each other every day at shopping centres, metro (tube) and simply on the road, people could begin recognizing each other as the same people and people in the neighbourhood, not as people living in a far distant land you only get to see on the news.

"Hello Stranger" installed in the shopping center's show window.

This media is installed in a space frequently passed by people who don’t have a chance to meet each other. They see each other through monitors and cameras installed on this medium. There is a touch monitor installed, so visitors can draw pictures or writings. This can be a message to the other person. And after 10 minutes of painting, the picture or text slowly disappears.

"Hello Stranger" installed at the bus stop.

New Yorkers at the bus stop face people waiting for the bus at Cape Town in different time zone.
Citizens of Cape Town meet New Yorkers waiting for a bus at a bus stop, in different time zone.

"Hello Stranger" Installed show window

People in different seasons, different times, and different places meet through Hello Stranger.

Extended Idea

Online visitors can see and meet the local scenery and people in real time through the monitors of the sculpture installed where they want to enjoy. The online visitors and local people can greet and make new relationships.